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Corporate Balloons


Since the early 1960'S hot air balloons have added a new dimension to advertising and promotions as an on site, touchable, excitement builder. They bring out immeasurable enthusiasm in everyone, while promoting public awareness of a company, itís products or itís services.

As an outdoor medium, balloons rely on some of the same concepts as billboards. However, unlike billboards, balloons are larger than life, full of color and easy to see. They also have an enormous audience potential, people cannot resist the urge to photograph a balloon. When was the last time you saw someone stop and take a picture of a billboard?

Unlike any other form of advertising hot air balloons add a new dimension to promoting the visibility of a company, itís products or itís services.

Given balloon races only, in which there are hundreds across the country each year, this form of advertising can reach several million spectators per year. As the urge hits these spectators to photograph these gentle giants, the media also tends to take note, thus these balloons often end up on the front page of the local papers, or go out on the A.P. Press Wire. They also end up on the Local News. Combine this with a 2-3hr. Live Remote with a Local Radio Station and the audience potential grows again without any additional costs.

A well planned program, combined with our expertise and professionalism, can generate countless extra media exposure. As well as, enhance the public awareness of the company and promote goodwill across the nation.  

Other Use Options:

A balloon is a great tool to increase company moral. When used at National Conventions, Regional Meetings or Social Gatherings, Balloons enhance the excitement for new ideas among the personnel. Balloons are also an Unique Marketing Tool, with a lot of potential for Visibility.

A Hot Air Balloon, no matter where it is, Draws Attention. People are fascinated with the concept of a balloon in flight, and they want to know more. This is where Commercial Balloons take on another form. It is no longer just a Flying Billboard, because it Can Talk, it Can be Touched and it can Pinpoint Target Markets. The pilot and crew make the balloon Come Alive by utilizing their Public Relations skills, while Answering the Consumers Questions about the company and the balloon. This is something the Consumer will Remember for years to come.

Add to this a Cold Air Inflatable Replica of the balloon to be set up on site as a Static Display, complimenting the hot air balloon as it flies away. It also offers a bad weather alternative allowing some product exposure under almost any circumstances.

To round out the program, in comes the Official Balloon Support Vehicle. This vehicle is used to transport the balloon to and from itís assignments, and should be in the form of a customized Van or Motor coach, with the appropriate graphics to create a "Rolling Billboard" Thus creating Added Exposure.

All in all, The Balloon, the Inflatable and the Support Vehicle combined as a package, creates the most Cost Efficient, Attention Getting Program while Showing Maximum Results.

To find out more about Corporate Balloon Programs, drop us a line.

Jon has flown as a Corporate Pilot for many different companies such as:



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